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        How to measure and measure the cold heading rivet nut size

        Cold heading riveted nut fasteners measuring the marginal scale and general defects inspection. The edge inspection algorithm can be applied to the fastener head size and shortcomings of the inspection, through the actual inspection drawings to investigate the inspection results.

        Professional riveting nut manufacturers supply initial projection in the projection screen to determine a projection rectangle, get the projection picture, after the filter and the edge of the assertion. Two lines indicate that the edge of the check, the difference between the pixels of the two line segments is the pixel scale, after calibration to get the actual scale, to complete the standard cold heading riveting nut measurement. About Rapidly Heading Rivet Nuts Edge General Internal shading of the input drawing needs based on the actual situation, the use of edge changes in the direction of gray to determine the edge of the general, to eliminate interference.

        The use of standard measurement methods, but also to review the shortcomings, the principle and measurement of the same scale. Specific methods are as follows: determine a projection rectangle, so that it is based on the base of the fastener head point for scale measurements. After the projection rectangle to do a fixed point of rotation around the base, and then measure the scale, each rotating point of view based on the shortcomings of the inspection needs of precision, cold heading rivet nut high precision requirements for each rotation point of view to obtain a relatively small some.

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